The Birdsongs are a Christian rock band originally from Seattle, WA, now living near Knoxville, TN, composed of three brothers and a sister. They began playing music together with their family at a very young age and started touring North America with a simple message of hope, and a love for Christ and people. Two decades later, The Birdsongs are more passionate than ever about the music God has given them to share. Their music has been played consistently on Christian Rock and Internet Radio with their single "This Isn't Love (Radio Edit)" peaking at #9 on Billboard's Christian Rock Chart and their single "Will You Save Me?" reaching over 1.5 Million listens from all over the world on Spotify. 

The Birdsongs are all about the gospel and see music as a powerful tool to express the hope and love they've found in Christ. "l love hearing stories of how God has used our music in people's lives," says singer/songwriter Benjamin Birdsong. "We try to write as honestly as possible to show people they're not alone...that we all struggle, but Christ is the answer to all of life's problems." Their new album “The Journey, Act II: The War” focuses on finding hope amidst depression, anxiety, temptations, and trials and using Christ's promises to keep fighting. The album’s first single "Reality" hit the airwaves August 30th, 2019 with the album releasing shortly afterward on September 6th.


Benjamin Birdsong - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Mandolin

Coleene Birdsong - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Violin

Timothy Birdsong - Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Cajon, Vocals

Philip Birdsong - Drums, Guitar, Vocals